❄️馬來西亞 全麥印度薄餅 Malaysia Kawan Chapatti



每包10塊 400g * 不含反式脂肪、人工防腐劑 烙餅起源於印度,已成為世界上最受歡迎的無酵扁麵包之一,這種主食傳統上會與咖哩一起食用。 只需用平底鍋或微波爐加熱,要獲得真正美味的體驗,可使用酥油或一般牛油烹調 成份: 小麥粉、全麥粉、水、人造牛油(棕櫚油)、糖、鹽、泡打粉 烹調說明: 1. 不用先解凍,否則薄餅會黏成一疊 2. 記得先將每塊薄餅之間的膠隔層移除 3. 應選用不黏鍋,不用加油,中慢火煎,期間可冚蓋令千層餅鬆起更多 * Halal * Trans fat-free * No artificial preservatives With its origins in India, the chapatti has become one of the world’s favourite unleavened flatbreads, this versatile staple is traditionally consumed with curries. Just heat them up using a pan or microwave and enjoy! For a real treat, serve it with ghee (clarified butter) or butter for a truly delicious experience! Ingredients: Wheat flour, wholemeal flour, Water, Margarine (Palm Oil Based), Sugar, Salt and Baking Powder Directions: Remove a packet of chapati from freezer (Do not defrost as this may make dough sticky). Peel the plastic layering from the chapati. Place the chapati on a pre-heated pan. Pan fry for 1 - 1.5 minutes each side until golden brown. Remove the chapati from the pan.