❄️香港 三點水農家橘子豆沙梘水粽 Hong Kong Bluedrops Red Bean Rice Dumpling



每隻約280g each * 無化學添加食材 * 香港製造,本地有機食材優先選用 使用農家自製的金黃色天然灰水(梘水),糯米和自家炒製的豆沙,味道香甜帶甘香。在豆沙中加入橘子粒,清新解膩,既傳統又帶著創意。感謝古人的飲食智慧,灰水性涼,在端午時節吃點甜便更消暑解熱了。 灰水和鹼水的化學成分相似,但提煉方法卻不一樣。後者是以化學方法提煉,而前者,吃起來,有淡淡的「回甘」味。 成份: 糯米、紅豆餡(紅豆 / 花生油 / 糖 / 蔗糖 / 水 )、橘子乾、灰水、有機葵花籽油 * No artificial ingredients added * Made in Hong Kong. Local organic ingredients are used as priority Using natural golden ash water, premium glutinous rice and homemade red bean paste. Citrus is added to the bean paste to balance out the sweetness and make it more refreshing — keeping it traditional yet creative. Thanks to the ancient dietary wisdom, natural ash water has a cooling effect and is perfect dessert for warm weather! The chemical composition of ash water and kansui is similar, but the making methods are different. The later is produced by chemical method, while the former has a subtle marmalade aftertaste. Ingredients: Glutinous rice, red bean filling (red beans / peanut oil / sugar / cane sugar / water), dried orange, ash water, organic sunflower oil