❄️阿根廷 刺身蝴蝶紅蝦 Argentina Sashimi Butterflied Red Shrimps



每包二十隻180g per pack of 20pcs * 尺寸:4L * 每包連泰式青辣椒汁 生長在阿根廷天然海域的紅蝦,肉質綿密鮮嫩,天使紅蝦含豐富胺基酸及蝦青素,因此顏色呈現天然的柑紅色澤,營養價值高。阿根廷紅蝦脂肪含量較高、更甜更美味的蝦。 作刺身吃可配醬油加芥末、柑橘醋,或更經典的泰式青椒辣汁。 解凍後請儘快食用,不要重新急凍。 * Size: 4L * Comes with a pack of thai green pepper sauce Argentinian Red Shrimps / Aka Ebi is high in fat, sweeter and tastier shrimps. Served as sashimi with condiments such as soy sauce with grated wasabi and sometimes ponzu, or even better with thai style green pepper spicy sauce. Please consume as soon as possible after defrosting. Do not refreeze.