❄️西班牙 杜洛克黑豚排骨段 Spain Batallé Duroc Spare Ribs



$160/kg 每包約500g (average weight per pack) * 排骨長段,適合造鎮江骨、糖醋骨 100% 純種杜洛克豬乃西班牙名種豬隻, 肉質鮮嫩, 油花細緻, 色澤及味道極其吸引 ! 該公司嚴格執行質量監控, 具 HACCP 生產認証, 合乎歐盟監控機構如 BRC, SVO, Calitax 準則, 從基因研發, 農場設置, 飼料生產, 屠宰及運輸, 均由西班牙首屈一指品牌Batalle負責 Batallé Group is in the leading role and biggest European producer of pure Duroc believing in “slow farming”, emphasizing the strictest respect for the animal as well as the environment. Stringent qaulity control with HACCP certification following high quality standard by BRC, SVO, Calitax * 無瘦肉精 No paylean * 此產品需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item

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