❄️西班牙 有機低脂免治牛肉 Spain Roia Organic Lean Minced Beef



每包400g per pack ROIA 使用100%有機原料,並使用太陽能電池板產生可再生能源。他們盡可能使用自家種植的穀物餵飼動物,尊重農作物的自然輪耕操作,避免破壞生態系統和污染,保護環境,促進土壤可持續性和生物多樣性。 ♻️ 有機認證 整個飼養過程避免使用任何合成化學品、抗生素、荷爾蒙和基因改造的東西,以可持續的方式保護環境生態 ♻️ 動物福利 最終食品品質和安全,取決於原本動物的生活狀況。畜牧場的審查以直接觀察爲主,評估原則包括:良好的住宿環境、餵飼、動物的健康和行為狀況 ♻️ 潔淨能源 以零廢爲目標,在 “可回收” 和 “可持續” 的基礎上出發,以減少資源消耗和廢物產生。 投資可再生能源和提高能源效率、減少消耗和污染的技術。而清潔產品中的化學成份則會被中和淨化以減少廢水的產生 ♻️環保包裝 塑膠量減少80%,清洗後可100%回收 ROIA works exclusively with 100% organic products. They minimize consumption and generate renewable energy using photovoltaic solar panels. In Roia, they produce as much grain to feed their animals, respect the natural cycles of crops, avoiding ecosystem degradation and pollution while protecting the environment promotes soil sustainability and biodiversity. ♻️ Certificed Organic Avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs throughout the raising process. Preserving the Environment in a Sustainable Manner. ♻️ Animal Welfare Food quality is determined by the welfare status of the animals from which it was produced as well as the nature and safety of the end product. AENOR specifies the requirements to be met by livestock farms and slaughterhouses, where appropriate, in terms of Animal Welfare. The audits are based on the direct observation of the animal itself, by assessing 4 principles: Good Housing, Good Feeding, Good Health, and Appropriate Behaviour. Within these four principles, 12 different animal welfare criteria have been identified that complement each other. ♻️ Clean Energy Zero waste target. Farm equipment is developed base on "Recyclable" & "Sustainable" to reduce resource consumption and waste generation. Invest in renewable energies and technologies that improve energy efficiency, reducing consumption and pollution. Wastewater purification by neutralising the chemical components of cleaning products. ♻️ Eco-Friendly packaging Amount of plastic is reduced by 80%, 100% can be recycled after washing.