❄️荷蘭 鱸魚柳 Holland Seabass Fillets



每包兩塊250g per pack of 2 fillets * 帶皮、去骨 * 水產養殖管理認證 荷蘭海鱸魚以其美味、容易烹調而聞名,只需少許胡椒粉和鹽,簡單煎至皮脆已經很好吃! * Skin on, boneless * ASC certified Sea Bass is known for it’s great taste. You don’t have to do much to prepare a great fish dish. The fish is known as white fish, it’s generally meant as a type of fish that has a mild flavour and is easy to prepare. A simple baked sea bass with a little pepper and salt is definitely good food.

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