❄️美國 頂級牛肉眼扒 U.S. 44 Farms Prime Ribeye

級數 Meat grade



$780/kg Prime 頂級 $620/kg Top choice 精選級 每塊約400g (average weight of 1” steak) * 其他厚度請聯絡店員 * 全天然飼養,全無添加,無防腐劑 * 飼養過程全沒使用抗生素、荷爾蒙 * 100% naturally raised. Absolutely no antibiotics / hormones used * No preservatives added 44 Farms not only produces the finest steaks, but is also recognized as one of the premier Black Angus producers in the country. It is a working ranch, not a factory. The ranchers know and evaluate every animal they raise - and they know the land and its capabilities. 44 Farms manages for sustainability. By emphasizing livestock health and responsible pasture management, they improve both: cattle help maintain the pasture's natural balance; in turn, the diverse grasses combine to provide top-notch nutrition for the grazing cattle. * 此產品需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item

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