❄️美國 脆薯餅 U.S. Ore-Ida Crispy Hash Browns



每包六塊 約330g (weight per pack of 6) * 用氣炸鍋效果最佳,放13分鐘可達至極鬆脆效果 成份: 薯仔、菜油、脫水洋葸、葡萄糖、天然調味料、鹽、磷酸鈉 Ore-Ida is an American brand of potato-based frozen foods currently produced and distributed by Kraft Heinz's. The best food always starts with best ingredients - the finest potato farms in the Pacific Northwest: the heart of potato growing country. Only need 13 minutes in an air fryer to achieve crispiest effect Ingredients: Potatoes, vegetable oil, dehydrated onion, dextrose, natural flavours, salt, sodium pyrophosphate