❄️美國 全天然芝士黑豚漢堡 U.S. Berkwood Farms Cheddar Pork Patties



每包四塊454g per pack of 4 patties * 需煮至全熟 * 100%天然成份 * 100%黑豚豬肉 * 沒防腐劑、沒添加味精 * 豬隻全天然飼養,不使用抗生素 成份: 豬肉、車打芝士(牛奶 / 芝士發酵劑 / 鹽 / 酵素)、水、調味(海鹽 / 香料 / 原蔗糖) * Product needs to be fully cooked * 100% natural ingredients * 100% certified Berkshire pork * NO preservatives, NO MSG * All natural animal farm raising, no antibiotics used * Your purchase fully supports small family farmers Berkwood Farm's pork gets its flavor from the heirloom breed of Berkshire Pork, the oldest breed of pork in existence today, and raised for the meat's distinctive color and marbling – making their pork tender, juicy, and flavorful Raising Berkshire pigs is one of the many reasons Berkwood Farms can provide you with quality pork every time. In addition, they also bring together humane, on-farm production practices, quality control and hand inspection to ensure our product is of the finest quality around Berkwood Farms is owned by the very farmers who raise the Berkshire pork. You can be confident that the rewards of their hard work are passed directly to the family farmers who own Berkwood Farms Humane animal husbandry and earth-friendly production practices ensure ecologically sustainable farms. Berkwood Farms is proudly to be one of the most economically and environmentally sustainable food companies around Ingredients: Pork, cheddar cheese (pasteurised milk / cheese culture / salt / enzymes), water, seasoning (sea salt, spices, turbinado sugar)