❄️紐西蘭 煙燻三文魚籽 New Zealand Aoraki Smoked Salmon Caviar

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每樽90g per bottle 濃郁的煙燻味與魚籽,是人間極品,不單每粒脆卜卜,配合縈繞口腔的煙燻味,咬下去有相當微妙的口感。 帝皇三文魚籽是世界上其中最傳統最受追捧的美食之一。紐西蘭南部山脈周圍的冰川水域,提供極端冰冷的理想環境,飼養出強壯健康又肥美的三文魚。這些精緻珍貴如珍珠的三文魚籽,在鹽水中製備,並迅速冷凍以鎖住精緻的新鮮度和味道。為任何用餐場合增添優雅氣息。 Caviar infused with a delicately smoked flavour. A rich smoky beginning combines with our caviar's signature subtle oils and delicious mouth feel. Followed by a clean egg pop and lingering subtle smoke. Freshwater King Salmon Caviar is a unique rendition of one of the oldest and most sought after delicacies in the world. The extreme environment of glacier waters around New Zealand's Southern Alps provides ideal conditions for raising strong and healthy salmon, who in turn create a very special salmon roe. These delicate pearls are prepared in a dry brine and quickly snap frozen to lock in the exquisite freshness and taste. Add elegance to any dining occasion. Shelf life: Best consumed within 3 days from thawing product Fish for your health: Salmon provides an excellent source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid which helps in lowering blood cholesterol and maintaining a healthy circulatory system