❄️紐西蘭 有機走地雞肝 New Zealand Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken Liver



每包400g per pack * 飼料為認證有機草園和蘋果、以及自家種非基因改造玉米和大麥 * 不含抗生素、生長激素、氯氣 * 2020年獲頒紐西蘭最佳食物出品金獎 Bostock brothers 有機自由放養雞隻農場符合國際福利標準。 在自家蘋果園裡生長,雞隻比其他傳統自由放養雞更長壽、活得更快樂。 當雞隻在完全自然的環境生長,牠們的肉形成得更好,品質更高,味道更好。雞肉是用全天然冷風,不使用氯化水來冷卻,因此,烹飪過程中雞肉收縮和水份流失會較少。 * Fed on certified organic green grass and apples as well as their home-grown non-GMO feed, including corn and barley * Free of antibiotics, added hormones, chlorine * Winner of New Zealand Outstanding Food Producer Awards 2020 Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken is a certified organic, premium product that meets international welfare standards. On their orchard, chickens live longer, happier lives than any conventional free-range chickens. When chickens grow naturally, their meat is better formed, higher quality and superior tasting. Chicken meat is air chilled and chlorine free, which means no chlorinated water is used to cool the meat. Consequently, there is less shrinkage and water loss during cooking. The Bostock brothers grew up on their family’s organic apple orchard in sunny Hawke’s Bay and share a family passion for healthy, safe growing practices where there is control from the farm to plate. This means no chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormones and no genetic modification. The brothers are determined to give their organic chickens the best life. Their apple orchard provides the perfect environment to farm organic chickens. The birds enjoy a happy life roaming freely among the apple trees and are housed in uniquely designed french chalets, which are clean and spacious and enable the chickens to roam freely outside once they are fully feathered.