❄️紐西蘭 有機急凍藍莓 New Zealand Oob Organic Frozen Blueberries



每包450g 100% 有機種植,從世界各地搜羅當地最合適最好品質的蔬果,於它們自然最熟、營養最頂豐的狀態下才採摘兼快速急涷,製作極高質素急凍蔬果。 由於紐西蘭的氣候不可能時常適合每種水果生長,所以他們在世界各地找尋合作夥伴,確保可在每個季節都帶來最美味100%有機認證的蔬菜和水果。 對於Oob,重要的不是蔬菜水果在哪裡生長,而是如何生長。所以,合作的所有農商都擁有與 Oob 相同的價值觀並遵循相同的有機原則、認證批准和流程。這樣可以 100%保證能享用 100%有機認證和高質素的急凍蔬菜和水果。 成份:100% 有機認證藍莓 產品來源:智利 100% certified organic, snap frozen at the point of maximum freshness. Produced by oob's certified organic partners & experts, brought to you so you can enjoy nutritious and convenient organic vegetables. While Oob would like to grow all fruit straight from their orchard in Omaha, they simply can’t. The climate in New Zealand doesn’t allow every fruit to grow and those that can grow are of course seasonal. But that’s why they have partner growers in other countries. So they can bring delicious 100% certified organic goodness, in every season. For Oob, it’s not about where it’s grown but how! Yes, all fellow growers have the same values and follow the same organic principals, certification approvals and processes as Oob. From their orchards to your plate, they can 100% guarantee you’ll be enjoying frozen fruit and vegetables that are 100% certified organic and 100% delicious. Ingredient: 100% certified organic blueberries Country of origin: Chile