❄️紐西蘭冷燻冰川帝皇三文魚 New Zealand Aoraki Cold Smoked King Salmon Sliced

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每包100g / 200g * 頂級帝皇三文魚 * 採用無基因改造飼料 * 絶對不採用激素、抗生素 * 自家處理一站式由孵卵至屠宰 Aoraki 獨特的雙重冷煙燻技術採用傳統蘇格蘭煙燻方法,鹽、金絲糖漿、冧酒為主要煙燻材料,最後用已冷凍的橡木煙長時間燻製,慢工出細貨,冷燻也會令魚保持比較多的魚鮮味,而且不會過鹹。 位於紐西蘭南面最高冰川的 Alpine salmon 魚場,有川流不息極清澈的冰川水源,流動的水源加上經驗豐富和細心的魚場員工,魚場更堅持人手餵飼,目的是能同時間觀察魚兒的健康狀況,有問題的話能及時處理。如此優良的環境下,三文魚健康狀況良好,根本不需採用仼何抗生素、疫苗、殺蟲藥。 魚場擁有自家孵卵場和加工場,由魚出生至屠宰一條龍自家處理,每一條魚都能被追縱出處。魚場用的飼料也是十分講究,都是無基因改造的。 * Clean taste and delicate texture * Responsibly grown with minimal intervention * No added hormones or antibiotics * One stop processing Aoraki smoking process draws on a traditional Scottish method which blends salt, golden syrup, black rum. Then gently smoke using oak wood chips to enhance, not overwhelm the natural taste and retain the flavour purity. Hot and cold smoked salmon share the same ingredients but differ in methodology. Cold smoked process: 1. Cured in salt, cold smoked process is long and slow compared to hot smoked 2. Steeped in local golden syrup and rum 3. Smoked over cooled oak smoke 4. Sliced and vacuum packed to lock in flavour 5. Perfectly balanced cold smoked salmon with light smoky layers and silky smooth texture Aoraki alpine salmon are raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The water is fresh and flows constantly. In this pure environment, there’s no need to use vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics. Just skilled staff and good farming practices to perfect the conditions for growing naturally healthy fish. Swimming against constantly flowing ice-cold currents keep our salmon healthy and fit, with fine intra-muscular fat lines. This translates to a subtle, clean taste and delicate texture unlike any other salmon. Fast flows, highly oxygenated water and the distinctive touch of the seasons, all key ingredients in creating Nature’s Finest Tasting Salmon. Alpine salmon are raised under environmentally sustainable farming practices across four farms. Highly skilled staff and good farming practices ensure their salmon are well looked after, and never stressed. The glacial water that flows though the farms, creates a constantly refreshed environment and helps the fish stay healthy, naturally. There’s no need to use growth hormones, vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics. Not only do they care for the salmon 24/7 at the farms, they also own their own hatcheries and processing plant. This vertically integrated business model, means they actively manage each step ensuring the final product is the finest tasting salmon in the world. Their documentation provides full traceability of each fish from customer back to its batch of hatchery eggs and parentage. Only premium feed from trusted international supplier is used; all feed is sustainable and certified GM free. This proprietary feed is formulated to minimise the depletion of feeder fish in the ocean. How they feed the salmon is also important; Alpine prefer to feed their fish by hand, in order to observe and respond to their needs and helps ensure they are fed to correct nutritional levels. Climatic conditions, water temperatures, barometric pressure and even wind velocity can affect the appetite of the salmon fish. Farm staff adapt the feeding regime to the conditions. All this extra attention does take a little longer, but it’s time well spent. https://aorakisalmon.co.nz

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