❄️澳洲 M9純種和牛牛肋條 Australia M9 Full blood Wagyu Beef Fingers



$420/kg 每包約800g * 純種和牛 Full-blood wagyu 純種和牛嚴格上被認為是一種混種的和牛,意即全血和牛與不同品種的牛進行雜交,在第四層的雜交後所生出來的牛隻,具有 93.75% 和牛遺傳血統,這種和牛就被稱為純種和牛。據估計 95% 在澳洲生產的和牛均為雜交品種,只有 5% 是珍貴的全血和牛。 牛肋條肉是從肋骨之間的肉,含不少油花,味道極濃。 和牛牛肋條並不代表比其他牛肋條特別多脂肪,反而代表油花比較幼細和分佈較平均。一般可以像其他肋排一樣低溫炆煮或燒烤。大多數食譜需要長時間、緩慢的烹飪時間來增加嫩度,這些和牛肋肉卻沒有必要。 The Australian Wagyu beef grades are assigned based on beef’s aroma and firmness, and juiciness, with maturity and intramuscular fat (marbling) in the ribeye muscle as the most important references for grading. M7 is almost the top grade of both on the Australian scale. M9 is rare ! One of the largest full blood breeding programs outside of Japan, production is limited to manage quality and prestige, the herds are raised completely naturally and hormone-free, and over 85% of the cattle produced are scored at over 9+ marble score. Beef short ribs are prepared from the meat that lies on top of the side ribs in the short plate cut of a cow. Most recipes call for long, slow cook times to increase tenderness, a process that is not necessary with these full blood Wagyu ribs. They fall off the bone before you cook them, making them more versatile than other breeds of beef * 此產品需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item

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