❄️澳洲 M5和牛牛腩粒 Australia Lotte M5 Wagyu Diced Beef Brisket



$320/kg 每包約800g 韓國樂天是唯一一家直接管理整個生產和分銷過程的澳洲國內公司,包括進口和分銷,以及牛隻飼養、屠宰和出口。 透過向澳大利亞派遣牲畜專家並引入嚴格的計劃,我們致力於隨時為客戶提供安全美味的牛肉。 致力於自1986年積累30年經驗的基礎上,牛隻在澳洲昆士蘭州的 Lotte Sandalwood 牧場飼養,那裡有著最純淨自然的環境。樂天的和牛,接近純血,嚴格管理下飼養400天,追求健康自然生長的理念。 Lotte is the only domestic company that directly manages the the entire production and distribution process, including import and distribution, as well as fattening, slaughter, and export in Australia. By dispatching livestock experts to Australia and introducing a strict programs, we are committed to providing our customers with safe and delicious beef at all times. Cattle are raised directly on the ‘Lotte Sandalwood’ ranch in Queensland, Australia, where pure nature is preserved. We are committed to producing only the finest beef in a clean natural environment based on 30 years of know-how that amassed since 1986. High-quality Wagyu, which is close to pure blood, is fed feed selected by Lotte and is raised under strict management for 400 days. Wagyu produced by adhering to the philosophy of pursuing healthy natural growth has excellent marbling and flavor. * 標示價錢為基於平均重量計算,實價需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item. Price shown is based on item’s average weight. Final payable price will be calculated based on actual weight

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