❄️澳洲 酸種雜果方包 Australia FSB Sourdough Fruit Loaf

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每包四片 約300g per 4 slices * 原條15片 * 十分足料,重量十足 * 每片15mm 厚切滿足口感 The Flour Shop Bakery 於澳洲享負盛名25載。 著名的厚切酸種乾果包,充滿乾果,口感十分豐富。FSB 與澳洲當地農民合作,精心挑選澳洲小麥進行碾磨,生產最優質的烘焙食品 成份: 麵粉、水、發酵素、杏脯、葡萄乾、無花果、棗、西梅、紅莓、葵花籽、酵母、鹽、麥糠 全澳洲材料/製造 * Full loaf contains 13 slices * Packed with quality dried fruits and seeds * No artificial ingredients used * Thick cut 15mm per slice for more fulfilling mouthfeel The Flour Shop Bakery’s famous Chunky Sourdough Fruit Loaf. Australia's favourite for 25 years. Filled with whole dates, apricots, prunes, rasins and a secret blend of mixed spices. Working with Australian farmers, Australian wheats are carefully selected to be milled. You can be assured we produce the highest quality baked goods using Australian flour. Ingredients: Flour White, Water, Leaven, Apricot, Sultana, Figs, Dates, Prunes, Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Yeast, Salt, Wheat Bran All ingredients from Australia Made in Australia

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