❄️澳洲 走地全雞 Australia Naked Chook Free Range Whole Chicken



每隻1kg 絶無添加激素 澳洲 FREPA 認證走地農場 澳洲農場自家擁有及營運 IQF Individual Quick Frozen FREPA approved free range (Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia) No added hormones / growth promoters Now you can buy an economically priced Australia grown free range chicken that’s made by an Australian owned and operated company. Naked Chook’s chickens have easy access to a range during daylight hours and are sheltered from predators at all times. The ranges have shade, shelter and palatable vegetation. They have access to clean, fresh water and only natural dry foods are permitted. Growth promoting hormones and antibiotics are never used. Beak trimming, toe trimming or any other mutilation is completely banned.