❄️澳洲 菠菜芝士酥皮角 Australia Antoniou Spinach and Cheese Triangles



每盒12個375g per pack of 12 已裝在鋁箔盤中,方便從冰櫃取出直接連盤放入焗爐,是一種有需要時可以隨時額外加添,受大眾歡迎的款客小食。 烘焙說明: 將焗爐預熱到200°C,從冰箱取出酥皮角,連鋁箔盤直接放入焗爐,焗35-40分鐘或直到金黃色 成份: 酥皮36% [ 小麥粉(小麥粉 / 硫胺素 (維他命B1) / 葉酸)、水、小麥玉米粉、鹽、菜籽油、防腐劑、抗凝劑 ]、瑞可達芝士30% [ 芝士乳清(牛奶 / 非動物性凝乳酶 / 發酵培養劑)、牛奶、鹽、食物酸 ]、菲達芝士13%(牛奶 / 鹽 / 非動物性凝乳和培養劑)、急凍菠菜9%、植物起酥油(植物性脂肪和油 / 抗氧化劑 / 色素 / 調味劑)、小麥玉米粉、菜籽油、乾洋蔥、胡椒 These frozen Fillo Pastry Triangles make entertaining easy. Delicious and ready to cook, these bite size pastries are ideal for both home use of foodservice businesses. There’s a lot of handmade love going into these authentic light and flaky pastry triangles generously filled and hand-rolled, they are made with the finest quality ingredients. Conveniently packed in foil trays, they can go straight from the freezer into the oven. Keep some on hand for when unexpected guests pop in, pass them around at your next party as the perfect finger food, or serve as a side dish with lunch or dinner. Baking instructions: Preheat oven to 200°c. Bake from frozen in foil tray provided for 35-40 mins or until golden brown to ensure pastry is cooked thoroughly. Ingredients: Fillo pastry 36% [wheat flour (wheat flour / thiamine / folic acid), water, wheaten cornflour, salt, canola oil, preservative, anticaking agent], ricotta cheese 30% [cheese whey (milk / non animal rennet / starter culture), milk, salt, food acid], fetta cheese 13% (milk / salt / non animal rennet and cultures), frozen spinach 9%, vegetable shortening (vegetable fats and oil / antioxidants / colour / flavour), wheaten cornflour, canola oil, dried onion, pepper