❄️澳洲 土耳其迷你長麵包 Australia FSB Mini Turkish Flat Bread



每包三條 420g per pack of 3 * 每塊約8 x5吋 家庭聚餐或宴請朋友,焗好翻熱,預備一些醬用來沾麵包吃(例如酸乳酪、鷹嘴豆泥)或在長麵包上放上自己喜愛的配料才放入焗爐,簡簡單單非常容易又受歡迎! 成份:小麥麵粉、水、小麥麵種、芥花籽油、鹽、糖、酵母、麩質、麵粉改良 / 酸度調節劑,防腐劑 * 100% 澳洲製造 * 絶無基因改造成份 * 喜歡沾酸乳酪可考慮於乳酪上灑上我們極力推薦的西班牙煙燻甜椒粉,保證不讓你失望! https://letscook.store/item/🆒西班牙-煙燻甜椒粉-Spain-El-Sequero-Smoked-Papri/5750968183685120 An oblong loaf that has lots of indentations in the top and nigella and sesame seeds scattered on top. The outside can be slightly crunchy/crusty in spots but is more chewy overall, and the inside is light and airy, with lots of big air holes. It's often described as a flat bread. Great party food as you can just shove it into the oven and prepare a dip for the bread (yoghurt or hummus etc). Or simply place your favourite ingredients on the top and bake it like a pizza. Quick and easy! Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, wheat culture, canola oil, salt, sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, improver / acidity regulator, preservative * 100% made in Australia * non-GMO ingredients * Try making a dip of plain sour yogurt with our Spain Smoked Paprika added - it sure will take this simple dish to the next level!