❄️泰國 金枕頭榴槤芝士蛋糕 Thailand Ivan Factory Durian Cheesecake



每盒300g 用泰國頂級金枕頭榴槤,混合紐西蘭忌廉芝士及淡忌廉,入口啖啖榴槤果肉,口感幼滑,而且蛋糕低糖低卡路里 獲得「曼谷品牌2020」殊榮,被評定為泰國最優質食品之一 成份: 金枕頭榴槤40%、忌廉芝士20%、忌廉16%、餅乾15%、牛油7%、糖1%、明膠 Irresistible durian cheesecake, using top quality thailand MonThong durian meats, combined with cream cheese and whipping cream from New Zealand. Gives you the best texture like eating ice cream. Low sugar / low calorie. World's First Frozen Durian cheesecake, awarded “Bangkok Brand 2020” Ingredients: MonThong durian 40%, cream cheese 20%, whipping cream 16%, cracker 15%, butter 7%, sugar 1%, gelatin

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