❄️泰國 剌身級黑虎蝦仁 Thailand Seafresh Black Tiger Shrimp Meat



每包454g (1lb) * 每磅13-15隻 * 刺身級,去殻挑腸 * 飼養過程不使用抗生素,加工過程不加防腐劑、添加劑、磷酸鹽、增重劑、泵水 泰國 Seafresh 所有水產養殖蝦產品都能準確地追溯到來源,系統記錄了從飼料廠、孵化場、養殖場、加工廠、運輸到最終交付目的地每一步的重要細節。他們的可追溯能力還將其覆蓋範圍擴展到整個供應鏈中的飼料、配料和包裝。 ASC 認證: ASC 為獨立非牟利組織,由 WWF 及 The Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative 於 2010 年共同創立,旨在建立一個受全球認可的系統,以認證由環保養殖業生產的海鮮 * Number of pieces per pound : 13-15 * Peeled and deveined * No antibiotics used in farm. No preservatives, addictive, phosphates, weight enhancers and water added during processing Seafresh commits to ensure that all aquaculture shrimp products can be quickly and accurately traced back to its original source. Their traceability system records significant detail of shrimp in every step from feedmill, hatchery, rearing farm, processing plant, transportation to final delivery destination. Their traceability capability also extends its coverage over shrimp feed, ingredient, and packaging throughout the entire supply chain. Certifications: Quality Management System * ISO 9001 Social Responsibility, Environment Management System * TLS 8001 * OHSAS 18001 * ISO 14001 * ISO 50001 * Thai Corporate Social Responsibility * Occupational Health and Safety * Environment Management System * Energy Management System Laboratory Accredited * ISO/IEC 17025 * Laboratory Quality Standards-Food Testing Food Safety Management System * GMP * HACCP * FSSC 22000 * BRC * ASC * BAP * HALAL * Good Manufacturing Practice * Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point * Food Safety Management System * Global Standard for Food Safety * Aquaculture Stewardship Council * Best Aquaculture Practices * Halal Product Certificate

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