❄️法國 無麩質瑪德琳蛋糕 France Bridor Gluten Free Madeleines

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每個30g per piece * 每件以高品質可入焗爐膠袋獨立包裝 Bridor 的無麩質系列,用小米、大米和蕎麥粉混合,盡量造出與傳統麵包相似的質地 — 帶些黏連和彈性的口感,能保持這特性至為重要 Bridor 是一家有30年歴史,專門製造精緻法國麵包和糕點的法國公司,他們會優先考慮法國當地產品(例如忌廉或牛油)或選擇受保護的原產地產品,如Guerande 鹽焦糖,Roussillon 杏脯,Sicilian 檸檬或Bourbon雲呢拿。在準備產品時十分講究細節,許多步驟都是手工完成。 成份: 蛋、牛油、糖、糙米粉、全麥米粉、薯粉、粟粉、小米粉、小蘇打、黃原膠、雲尼拿副產品 預備方法: 從冰箱取出直接放焗爐,獨立包裝膠袋是特製高品質,可一併入焗爐,針對麩質敏感人士需要防止交叉污染。8分鐘 160°c 如不需擔心和麩質交叉污染,於焗爐翻熱時可除去膠袋包裝 100% 法國製造 * Each individually packed in high quality oven friendly plastic bag Bridor’s gluten free collection “manages to maintain the textures usually associated with conventional bakery products” and achieves a flavour profile to match. The products replicate the visco-elastic properties of conventional breads and pastries thanks to a mixture of millet, rice and buckwheat flours; this characteristic is essential to the texture and mouthfeel of bread products Bridor, the leader in bringing high quality, European style croissants, pastries, savory Bistro items and breads to the U.S. foodservice and retail markets, recently launched its Clean Label program, which bans the use of over 150 ingredients, including artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats. This initiative comes in response to growing consumer demand for products free of preservatives, additives and other undesired ingredients. Bridor’s research and development specialists worked in collaboration with professionals from the company’s Quality Assurance department and select industry suppliers to create an exacting program based on best food industry practices. The Clean Label line encompasses over 200 products, a figure that keeps rising. Ingredients: Eggs, butter (23%), sugar, brown rice flour, whole grain rice flour, potato starch, corn starch, millet flour, raising agent, thickener (xanthan gum), vanilla by-product Preparation instructions: Take the product out of the freezer, and bake directly in its wrapping. Do not use gas oven or stone oven. Bake 8mins / 160°c Or remove the plastic packaging during baking if you’re not worried about gluten cross contamination with other bakery products Safety: No contamination possible thanks to the individual wrapping which can go in the oven up to 160 °C or in the microwave 100% Made in France

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