❄️法國 無麩質朱古力心太軟 France Traiteur de Paris Gluten Free Chocolate Fondant



每包兩件 180g per pack of 2 Traiteur de Paris 的心太軟以其非常濃厚的可可味(60%可可)和非常流淌的朱古力心而聞名。以非籠養雞蛋、UTZ-certified可持續發展的朱古力製成,並保證不含棕櫚油、不含麩質。 法國製造 成份: 全蛋、葵花籽油,朱古力外層(58%可可)23%(可可 / 糖 / 可可油 / 乳化劑:大豆卵磷脂)、糖、半脫脂牛奶、玉米澱粉、可可粉1.2% * 生產設施有處理芹菜、甲殼類動物、果仁、芝麻、芥末、魚類、亞硫酸鹽、軟體動物、蠶頭、花生等食品 準備建議: 熱食 — 傳統焗爐 180°c / 17分鐘,或在750w微波爐中加熱45秒 冷吃 — 4°c下解凍2小時 Traiteur de Paris Chocolate Fondant stands out for its chocolate intensity with its very pronounced taste and a really runny chocolate centre. The intensity of their chocolate with 60% cocoa gives a distinct character to this essential dessert. Runny centre when hot and creamy when cold. A dessert that is ready to serve in a few minutes and worthy of the greatest pastry chefs. Traiteur de Paris fondant is made of eggs from cage-free chickens, chocolate from a sustainable sector and guaranteed to be palm oil-free. The chocolate fondant is guaranteed gluten-free. It can count on its whole eggs and its UTZ-certified chocolate to retain its unique taste and its delicious quality. In addition, it is made in France adhering to the patisserie tradition. Ingredients: Whole eggs, sunflower oil, dark chocolate coating (58% cocoa) 23% (cocoa mass / sugar / cocoa butter / emulsifier : soy lecithin), sugar, semi skimmed milk, corn starch, cacao powder 1.2% * Produced in a facility also handling celery, crustaceans, nuts, sesame, mustard, fish, sulphites, molluscs, lupine, peanuts 🎛 Preparation advice: For a hot, runny fondant — Reheat in a traditional oven at 180°c for 17 minutes or in the microwave for 45 seconds at 750w For a cold, runny fondant — Allow to defrost for 2 hrs at 4°c