❄️法國 無激素鵪鶉髀 France Quail Legs

重童 Weight



每包250g or 350g per pack of quail thighs * 不含基因改造或激素成份 鵪鶉肉的維他命C含量是雞肉的4倍,鐵含量異常高,而且含雞肉中完全沒有的維他命A。 鵪鶉瘦肉還含豐富礦物質和氨基酸。 * No GMO or additional hormones Quail meat contains 4 times more vitamin C than chicken meat, is exceptionally high in iron, and even contains vitamin A, which is completely absent in chicken. This lean meat is also packed with minerals and amino acids.

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