❄️日本 辛子明太子 Japan Frozen Pollock Roe

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每條約50g * 博多品牌【兼福】明太子:2007年榮獲「世界精選金獎」 * 1kg 精美包裝送禮大方得體 解凍後就可以馬上享用的明太子,可作各式料理,拌飯、意大利粉、焗烤,加入泡菜鍋,充滿鹹香滋味,伴隨脆卜卜口感! 成份: 明太子(美國或俄羅斯)、發酵調味料、鹽、玉米糖漿、唐辛子、調味料(氨基酸等)、抗氧化劑(維他命C)、增稠多醣類、酵素、色素 * Monde Selection Gold award in 2007 * Presentable gift box available for 1kg Pollock (a species of cod) lives a wild existence and eats a natural diet. In other words, it is a completely natural product. It's also healthy: high in protein, low in fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol, and an excellent source of protein and minerals. Simply defrost and serve with plain rice, pasta, or you can try roasting them before serving to increase their natural aroma. Pollock roe is also a common ingredient in kimchi soup. Ingredients: Pollock eggs (US or Russia), fermented seasonings, salt, corn syrup, chili peppers, seasonings (amino acids etc.), antioxidants (vitamin C), thickening polysaccharides, enzymes, colouring

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