❄️日本 藍鰭吞拿魚腩蓉 こぼれネギトロ Japan Bluefin Minced Tuna (Frozen)



每份 500g (weight per portion) * 產品只包括刺身魚肉,不包括飯團及紫菜 將吞拿魚腩加上大蔥剁成蓉,拌飯嘅時候,細緻地撈勻,每一粒米,都被吞拿魚腩蓉包圍,大蔥吞拿魚腩蓉幼細香滑,軟綿綿的口感加上魚的油香,配大蔥的微辛引發出美妙作用,每一口飯都特別鮮甜美味! 再配上我們的「可供生食用」日本走地雞蛋,更是一絶! * rice and seaweed not included Negitoro (ネギトロ) is simply the tuna that can’t be sliced nicely into sashimi slices. It’s the deliciously, fatty meat that is scraped off around the bones and off the skin. It’s like a minced tuna that is rich in flavor, but not pretty enough to serve on its own. The negitoro is generally mixed with green onion and added into a rice bowl, to create a popular Japanese comfort food.



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