❄️日本 華味鳥煙燻生雞肉片 Japan Hanamidori Smoked Chicken Slices



每包 100g per pack * 不添加荷爾蒙、激素或添加劑 * 放薄餅或意粉上食用風味一絶 * 也可作頭盤、配沙律、麵包等等 華味鳥飼養過程不含賀爾蒙、激素或添加劑。華味鳥擁有自家的「銘柄雞」養殖場,每日為所飼養的雞隻準備含有 60多種植物、藥草等成分的飼料,減少了雞肉特有的氣味,提高了甜味和口感,務求令食客品嚐到最嫩滑可口的雞肉。華味鳥肉色鮮嫩粉紅,因而命名為「華」。 成份: 鶏肉(九州産)、鹽、糖、香辛料 / 調味料、酸化防止劑(維他命C)、亞硝酸鹽 * No additional hormones or addictive * Great as appetiser, with salad, or as pizza or pasta topping Hanamidori chicken is raised carefully without using any hormones or additives, under the clean air and sun in kyushu where natural environment is the key. Chickens are fed with selected feed containing seaweed, herbs extracts fermented with rice bran and soybean, which reduces the smell of chicken and improves its taste of sweetness. Hanamidori chicken meat looks fresh pink therefore named "Hana" meaning “flower” in Japanese.

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