❄️日本 煙燻豬肝 Japan Smoked Pork Liver



$240/kg 每包一件約200-400g * 約4*5吋 * 已熟,解凍可切片即食 * 可配多士、芝士,送酒佳物 成份: 日本豬肝、鹽、糖、香辛料、酸化防止劑(維他命C)、調味料、亞硝酸鈉、香辛料提取物、煙燻水 📌此產品之網上價錢是根據平均重量計算,最後單價需按實際重量計算(通常+/-5至10%) * Each piece roughly 4*5 inches * Fully cooked, defrost and ready to eat * Perfect with toast or cheese Ingredients: Japan pork liver, salt, sugar, spice, acidity regulator (vitamin c), seasoning, sodium nitrite, spice extract, liquid smoke 📌 This is a pay-by-weight item. Listed price is based on average weight of the product, final amount will be based on actual weight (usually within +/-5 to 10%)