❄️日本 武藏野拉麵 Japanese Musashino Ramen



每包 5x2塊 1kg (5x2 pieces per pack) * 不用解凍可直接從冰箱取出烹調 質地特別爽滑。採用日本當地小麥麵粉,精心制造出口感爽滑的拉麵,無須預先解凍或過冷河,烹煮更方便!熱水煮30秒即可,冷、熱食皆宜 成分:水、小麥粉、小麥蛋白質、脫水蛋白 * Do not need to be defrosted before cooking The easy-to-slurp and chewy ramen are handmade using Japan local flour. Boil in hot water for 30 seconds. Can be consumed hot or cold. Ingredients: Water, Wheat flour, wheat protein, dehydrated egg white

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