❄️日本 急凍豬肚 Japan Frozen Pig Stomach



$78/kg 每包兩個約600-800g per pack of 2 * 已徹底清洗乾淨,去肥,基本上可立刻使用 * 完全無豬肚膻味,味道和質感明顯較好 豬肚(即豬胃)含大量鈣、鉀、鈉、鎂、鐵等元素和維他命A、E,和蛋白質。從中醫角度,豬肚味甘、微温,豬肚湯有助於哮喘並增加食慾,為補脾之要品。日本人則喜歡用之燒烤,切絲炒,視之為一流佐酒小食。 * Thoroughly cleaned and defatted. Ready to use. * No foul smell. Better taste and texture. Organ meat is generally recognized in the Chinese community as an ingredient that is highly nutritious with generous amounts of protein and nutrients. It is also said that having Pig Stomach Soup assists with asthma and increases the appetite. Japanese likes to grill them, shred and do stir-fry, which is regarded as a first-class snack while enjoying sake.

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