❄️日本 急凍紅松葉蟹肉 Japan Frozen Snow Crab Meat



每包300g * 棒肉約45%、碎肉約55% 透過蒸汽加熱,緊緊鎖住蟹本來的美味。用途極多,例如蒸蛋、蟹肉羹、炒飯、玉子蟹肉卷、撈意粉。 成份: 日本紅松葉蟹、維他命C(酸化防止) * Contains leg meat 45%, shredded meat 55% Through steam heating, the original essence of crabs can be tightly locked. Shredded crab meat can be used in many dishes, such as steamed eggs, soup, fried rice, egg rolls stuffed with crab meat, or simply mix with pasta. Ingredients: Japan Red Snow Crab, vitamin C (antioxidant)

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