❄️日本 年糕切餅 Japan Sticky Rice Cakes



每包七塊400g (weight per pack of 7) 日本人視糯米為上品,所以新年時就會吃用糯米製成的年糕。將糯米蒸熟,摏成扁平的黏糕,稱做「伸餅」或切成小塊的叫「切餅」不要看這東西外型硬梆梆乾巴巴,磚頭似的,烤起上來,瞬間變得軟糯無比,吃法變化萬千 推薦日本吃法: 1. 最簡單的方法就是烤來吃,烤到年糕膨脹起來而表面微焦,就是正好吃的時候。建議烤的時候只從上方加熱就好,上下一起加熱的話,很容易表面還沒出現焦黃,年糕就已經脹破了。烤起的日式年糕,表面慢慢變成焦黃,散發淡淡的米香,醬油和年糕,是意外地很配搭呢! 2. 烤好的年糕也可以放進甜甜的紅豆湯裡,就成了紅豆年糕湯(日文裡,這叫做切り餅善哉,善哉指得是紅豆湯) 3. 年糕也可用水煮軟,沾黃豆粉或黑芝麻粉,微微甜味加上口感軟軟糯糯,非常美味 成份: 日本糯米 Traditionally, glutinous rice is steamed first, steamed rice is then transferred into a stamp mill, and it is pounded with a pestle. The rice is pounded repeatedly until smooth, sticky, and elastic. Grilled Japanese mochi is probably one of the most rustic and traditional ways in which plain traditional mochi or rice cakes are enjoyed. They are chewy and soft with a delicious toasted flavor to them. It's great as a snack, side dish, appetizer, breakfast or meal. Traditionally, grilled mochi is enjoyed either with soy sauce sweetened with sugar and wrapped in dried seaweed (isobeyaki mochi) or with sweetened kinako soy bean powder (kinako mochi) Ingredients: Japan glutinous rice