❄️日本 岩手県南部雞皮串 Japan Itawe Nanbu Chicken Skin Skewers



每包五串 150g per pack of 5 skewers * 雞皮是全生,需要煮至全熟 * 塗上喜愛的醬汁,燒烤、焗、氣炸鍋也可 岩手縣飼養的南部雞,為追求美味,進口法國南部原種紅雞,和日本本土白雞,經三代飼養出來的品種。飼料不使用抗生素或合成抗菌劑,而是使用具有高抗菌能力的納豆菌和草藥提取物代替藥物。加入含豐富中鏈脂肪酸的椰子油,脂肪醇厚、肉質特別柔軟 成份: 日本岩手縣南部雞皮 * Chicken skin is raw, need to fully cook * Brush on any sauce preferred and put the skewers on the grill, oven or air fryer In pursuit of deliciousness, Japan Nanbu chicken raised in Iwate Prefecture is the result of breeding imported french rouge chickens with local japan chickens, raised for three generations. The feed does not contain antibiotics or synthetic antibacterial agents, but uses natto bacteria and herbal extracts with high antibacterial ability instead of chemical drugs. With the addition of coconut oil rich in medium-chain fatty acids, the fat is particularly mellow and the meat is tender. Ingredients: Nanbu chicken skin