❄️日本 喜之次キンキ一夜干 Japan Semi-dried Kinki Fish



每條約800g 「一夜干」(いちやぼし) 源自於日本北海道地區,在冷凍技術還不普遍的年代,當地漁夫為了保存鮮魚而發明了這種「醃漬、風乾」的處理方式;一夜干的做法是將油脂豐腴的鮮魚剖開、清除內臟,再浸泡於與海水濃度相近的鹽水中,最後只有經過一夜風乾,便完成的魚乾。 吃法可以燒烤、烤焗,烤的過程中,魚的油脂溢出,香氣撲鼻而且外脆內軟。焗好後根據喜好配檸檬汁、醬油和蘿蔔泥,鮮美可口。日本人的居酒屋中常見這道菜,用來佐酒,價格又合理,所以非常受人歡迎。 “Kinki” fish is a rockfish that is a rare fish found in Hokkaido, it is Hokkaido's best and fattiest fish. There are dedicated teams of fisherman that specializes only in catching Kinki fish. You will be amazed at how tasty it is. Kinki fish is considered a delicacy in Japan for their succulent and fatty white flesh. Tender, delicate, and sweet flesh that falls off the bone. An amazing fish from Hokkaido. A must try ! Defrost the product in refrigerator. After defrosting, grill on the stove with medium heat, flip 2 sides until the fish is cooked. It is used as nibbles for drinks or can be eaten with white rice. Best to add lemon juice, pair with japan thick soy sauce, and radish puree.