❄️日本 兵庫縣全殻刺身生蠔 Japan Hyogo Frozen Sashimi Oysters

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每包12隻 1kg per pack of 12 * 榮獲2017 Monde selection 金獎 * 採用高壓 shucked-in-the-shell 水壓加工處理,鬆開橡筋一開即食,無需開蠔刀與蠔殻一番掙扎 * 解凍及打開後以清潔凍水稍微沖一下即可享用 * 可冰箱儲存3-4個月 高壓 shucked-in-the-shell 方法能保留其天然水分及鮮度,質感和風味,確保能於安全、方便的條件下享用優質,充滿天然海水味的生蠔! Smart oysters 有此名稱是因為養殖場採用一項專利技術,將活蠔放入一個非常厚的鋼缸中,並利用相當於海平面以下 20,000 呎壓力的水壓,將蠔肉和殻分離。過程中蠔殻被橡筋緊緊地纏著,而不會真正打開。這項驚人的技術模仿了海底 20,000 英尺的環境,在這樣的壓力下幾乎所有細菌和病毒都被殺死,所以非常安全,大家能安心食用。 * Winner of 2017 Monde selection gold award * Processed with shucked-in-the-shell high water pressure, remove elastic band, rinse with clean cold water and consume * Can be kept under -18°c for 3-4 months Kunihiro high pressure shucked oysters are specially selected and cultivated for high meat quality with uniform shape and size. Individually processed with nothing but water pressure, the oyster retains all its natural moisture, texture and flavor for safety assured, convenient, quality dining. These are called “smart oysters” because oyster farm uses a patented technology where live oysters are put into a very thick steel chamber and put under water pressure equivalent to the pressure of 20,000 feet below sea level. With this great pressure the muscle of the oyster is detached. This is why you don’t need to shuck The oysters. Rubber bands are then securely wrapped around the oysters so they won’t actually open. This amazing technology imitates the environment 20,000 feet below sea, with such pressure almost all bacteria and viruses are killed. Oysters are therefore very safe to eat.

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