❄️日本 九洲A4和牛上肩腦火鍋片 Japan Kyushu A4 Wagyu Beef slices



每包200g per pack 日本和牛分15等級,由C1 至 A5,以A5為最高級別。日本和牛的肉質細緻,咬起來柔嫩,肉裡面富含豐富的不飽和脂肪酸及多種良質胺基酸,一直以來都是美味牛肉的指標。而影響口味的通常跟脂肪所含程度有關,高的就會呈現「霜降」狀,日文裡稱為「サシ」,也就是所謂的油花。油花豐富的,日文就稱為「サシが入っている」 常常會在日本看到A5等級、A4等級之類的敘述,這是日本一套分辨肉質的方式。大致上是看【歩留等級】上肉所佔比例,以及【肉質等級】這兩者來決定的。 Japanese people rank their beef carefully. From C5 to A5, there are 15 different ranks. A5 is the highest rank. Yield grade: The proportion of beef that is eatable from a certain cow. In other words, A means that more beef could be yielded from a certain cow than average. C means below average. Marbling: The intramuscular fat on the beef makes a marble-like pattern, which is called marbling. From 5 to 1, the marbling goes from high to low. This considers not only the fat level but also the texture and color etc.

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