❄️日本 九洲三元豚豬梅肉 Japan Kyushu Sangenton Pork Collar



$240/kg 每包兩塊 約400g 日本三元豚 さんげんとん 是近年新品種,由三種純血統豬隻混種而成:英國大白豚 Large Yorkshire、丹麥長白豚 Landrace、美國杜洛克豚 Duroc。三元豚肥瘦均勻,肉質爽嫩不肥膩。 Japan Sangenton pork is from a relatively new cross breed of 3 different pure breeds of pig : U.K. Large Yorkshire, Denmark Landrace, U.S. Duroc. Sangenton pork is regarded highly by professional cooks, and it is one of the top branded pork in Japan. It’s known for its exquisite tenderness & juiciness without feeling greasy * 此產品需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item