❄️日本 豚角煮 Japan Dairei Braised Pork Belly



每包約500g * 每包豬肉連汁 * 建議自行加入配料 字面的意思就是文火慢燉切成方形大塊的豬肉。相比我們平時吃點的東坡肉,角煮的醬汁會更加清淡一些, 但是肉質一樣軟糯香甜, 製作方法也不難, 可以在煮的同時加入雞蛋,喜歡的蔬菜或者豆腐,非常方便。 成份: 日本豬肉、醬汁(醬油 / 糖 / 糖液)、發酵調味料、澱粉、蜜糖、薑、蒜頭、豆板醬 、水糖、乳清粉、食物纖維、還原水糖、食用油脂/加工澱粉、小球藻提取物、pH調節劑、調味料(氨基酸等)、增粘多糖類、酶、(部分含有乳成分、豬肉) Kakuni is a Japanese braised pork dish which literally means "square simmered". Kakuni is a popular regional product of Kyushu, particularly Nagasaki. The origin of this dish is most likely Chinese, making it a form of Japanese Chinese cuisine, and it is similar to Dongpo pork, but not as heavy in sauce. The rich taste and soft texture of the meat spread slowly in your mouth.

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