❄️土耳其 車打拼水牛芝士碎 Turkey Rella Shredded Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese Mix

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每份250g / 1kg 車打的鹹香堅果味、加溫和奶味濃的mozzarella,結合起來濃淡適中又不失芝士鹹香味! 成份: 巴斯德殺菌牛奶、鹽、芝士凝乳酵素、芝士培養菌、色素(胡蘿蔔素) 脂肪成份:最少40% 使用指引: 使用前於0-4°c解凍,解凍後放置雪櫃最多7天,解凍後不可再次急凍 * Suitable to use on pizza, baked dishes, or lasagna Delicious blend of shredded cheeses combining unpasteurized cheddar with mozzarella – a flavour mix that combines cheddar's nutty, buttery taste with the tangy notes of mozzarella, simply exquisite! Ingredients: Fresh pasteurised cow milk, salt, cheese rennet, cheese culture, colouring (beta carotene) Fat in dry matter: minimum 40% Recommended use: Thaw at 4°c for 24 hours before using. Store thawed product at 4°c and consume within 7 days. Do not refreeze after thawing

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