❄️台灣 牛骨濃湯牛丸 Taiwan Beef bone soup Beefballs



每包12粒 (12pcs per pack) 選用100%澳洲牛肉牛後腿製造,加入濃香牛骨汁製成,肉汁豐富,嗜牛的朋友必定喜歡!堅持天然原材料,不添加香精人造色素防腐劑。只選用上乘原肉材料,絕不加入雜肉,碎肉,動物內臟等材料。 成份 Ingredients: 澳洲牛肉、牛筋、牛脂、牛骨濃湯、糖、鹽、增味劑、穩定劑 100%台灣製造 Made with 100% Australian beef hind shank, and made with rich beef bone extraction, beef lovers will love it! No artificial colouring or preservatives. Only use high-quality beef meat, never mixed with non-beef meats or other animal offal parts 100% Australian beef NO artificial coloring NO preservatives Ingredients : Australia Beef, Beef Tendon, Beef Fat, Beef Bone Soup, Sugar, Salt, Flavour Enhancer, Stabilizer 100% made in Taiwan



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