❄️加拿大 熟龍蝦鉗肉 Canada Cooked Lobster Claw Meat



每包1lb per pack * 適合造沙律,三文治、潛艇,配意粉、意大利飯、龍蝦湯 如要數矜貴的海中珍佳餚,龍蝦一定榜上有名。加拿大龍蝦肉厚而嫩滑,蛋白質豐富,但脂肪含量低,是餐桌的主角級人馬!加拿大龍蝦即「北美龍蝦(Homarus Americanus)」,又稱「大西洋龍蝦」,牠肉質鮮美甜多汁,隻隻鉗肥大肉厚。 其實加拿大是全球最大的北美龍蝦出口國,牠主要產自 Nova Scotia、Prince Edward Island、New Brunswick、Newfoundland 和 Quebec 一帶海域,因為海水清淨,溫度、礦物質含量和鹽份都適合龍蝦生長,故加拿大龍蝦的肉質更紮實、味道更香甜。 Riverside’s lobster is harvested from the cold, pristine waters off the cost of Nova Scotia. It's well known for its black, hard shell and full body characteristic. Their strict protocols maintain the lobsters in grade A condition. Their monitored holding tanks are specially designed to mimic the lobster's natural environment, producing a strong, well seasoned lobster. Only the strongest lobsters are being selected, with the highest protein level for the live market. They are handled with great care, every step of the way in order to minimize stress levels. Can be used for: Salad, lobster roll, with pasta, risotto, lobster soup