❄️俄羅斯 船凍甜蝦刺身 Russia Wild Caught Amaebi Sashimi

大小尺寸 Shrimp size



每盒1kg * 4L:每千克41-45隻 * 3L:每千克45-50隻 * 2L:每千克51-60隻 * 船上急速低溫冷凍,能保持蝦隻上水時的最佳狀態 * 解凍即食,於0-4°需6-8個鐘解凍 顧名思義,甜蝦具有比其他蝦更強的甜味,是雜錦魚生中永遠不可缺少的角色 * 4L size: 41-45/kg * 3L size: 45-50/kg * 2L size: 51-60/kg * Rapidly frozen on boat once shrimps are caught * Ready to eat after defrosting in 0-4° for 6-8 hours As the name implies, sweet shrimp has a stronger sweetness than other shrimps, and has its important role in an assorted sashimi dish