♻️西班牙 煙燻甜椒粉 Spain El Sequero Smoked Paprika



每罐 75g (weight per can) 要找紅椒粉不算難,但要找煙燻紅椒粉就不易,靚的甜煙燻紅椒更有可能只此一家!此紅椒粉是用西班牙百年橡樹燻製,味道特香。 美國香料組織 ASTA 有一套量度甜椒粉的顏色,顏色的鮮艷度直接顯示內含的胡蘿蔔素。讀數一般120以上才算高質,而這品牌的讀數是230! Ingredients: 100% paprika Tin of Candeleda's Sweet Smoked-paprika, of artisanal elaboration, smoke-dried with oak and holm oak woods in “sequeros” that are hundreds of years old. ASTA (American Spice Trade Association) is an agency that is responsible for ensuring the quality of the spice industry. Asta units measure the coloring power of paprika, directly related to the amount of carotenoids in the final product. This coefficient will therefore define the quality, through a value that indicates the color, since it is obtained from the purity of the final product. And here comes the good news: the latest analysis of El Sequero Smoked Paprika have shown an ASTA of ¡230! To give you an idea so that a paprika is recognized as high quality must have around 120 ASTA units, I think there are plenty of words … This is, without a doubt, the best of the recognitions to a 100% handmade product typical of our Candeleda area in the Sierra de Gredos, on its southern slope of Ávila, where El Sequero Smoked Paprika continues to struggle to keep traditional systems alive, with all the effort and dedication that entails, pampering the product. Product that results only from grinding the pepper, without nipples or additives. El Sequero paprika and its quality speak for themselves, there is nothing like tasting it, pay attention to its striking color and its enveloping aroma to realize that it is possibly one of the best paprika (if not the best) on the market today.

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