♻️西班牙 有機雞湯 Spain Amandin Organic Chicken Broth



每盒1L per box 由100%天然有機成份製成,具傳統雞湯應有的味道,但較少脂肪,配合美味的香料薑黃、胡椒、荳蒄和迷迭香,與特級初榨橄欖油混合一起,進一步增強雞肉的鮮味。 品嚐說明: 較含蓄而天然的雞湯味帶少許蔬菜韻味。順滑的口感和香氣在口中持續,絕對是煮湯和其他料理的必然選擇 成份: 水、雞肉和脂肪* 1.30%、蔬菜*(芹菜 / 洋蔥)、特級初榨橄欖油*、海鹽、澱粉*、香料*(薑黃 / 胡椒 / 荳蒄 / 迷迭香)、天然香料(含雞蛋) * 有機成份 Made from 100% natural organic ingredients, it has all the flavour of a traditional chicken stock, yet with less fat. It also includes a delicious mix of spices (turmeric, pepper, mace and rosemary) which, along with extra-virgin olive oil, further enhance the chicken flavour. TASTING NOTE: Brilliant with a subtle chicken broth flavour and interesting vegetable undertones. The succulence persists in the mouth and the smooth return is identical to the initial aroma. Ideal for soups and cooking. Ingredients: Water, chicken meat and fat* (1.30%), vegetables* (celery / onion), extra virgin olive oil*, sea salt, starch*, spices* (turmeric / pepper / mace / rosemary), natural flavourings (contains egg) * Organic ingredients