♻️荷蘭 去衣核桃肉 Holland Tovano Peeled Walnuts



每盒80g per box 核桃之所以成為超級堅果仁,是因為它提供許多健康益處,更特別被稱為“大腦食物”,也對我們的心臟有健康的影響。無皮核桃去除了粗糙含少許苦味的外皮,而去外皮的過程不會影響核桃肉本身的質感。 原產地:摩爾多瓦 What makes walnuts a super nut is the many health benefits that they provide. They're called “brain food” for the right reasons and also have a healthy impact on our hearts. Skinless walnuts have the rough papery skin removed which contains bitter tasting compounds and can also be tough on your mouth. The process is quick and does not affect the underlying texture of the nut. Delicious on their own, they will also elevate any recipe that uses walnuts. County of origin: Moldova