♻️美國 無麩小紅莓杏仁燕麥片 U.S. Bob’s Redmill GF Cranberry Almond Granola



每包312g 使用古老石磨法來磨制。不同於一般機器用高速磨制而成的麵粉,石磨是靠慢速旋轉的方式,使穀物保持在低溫狀態下。這不僅能保留穀物原始的味道,並且保留了穀物原有的營養成份 全穀為人體提供充份營養,如膳食纖維、維他命B、礦物質等,主要由三個部分所組成:麥麩、胚芽及胚乳。穀物在精製的過程中會除去麥麩和胚芽,而留下的胚乳只含有糖類。所以,留下完整的穀物不單能盡量吸收全套營養,也能令身體不會因急速吸收糖份而血糖急升 成份: 全穀燕麥、楓糖漿、小紅莓(小紅莓 / 糖 / 葵花籽油)、椰子油、紅糖、杏仁、南瓜籽、椰子、鹽、雲尼拿提取物(水 / 蔗糖醇 / 雲尼拿籽提取物)、混合生育醇(抗氧化維他命E) Bob’s Red Mill Cranberry Almond Homestyle Granola is made with whole grain oats, real maple syrup, coconut, cranberries, almonds and wholesome seeds. It tastes like you made it yourself, because it’s pan-baked to crispy, golden perfection. Enjoy it on the go by the handful, or with milk, yogurt or ice cream! Whole oats are oats that still contain their endosperm, bran and germ. Whole oats are an excellent source of fiber, protein and vitamins. Whole oat products include whole grain oat groats, steel cut oats and thick oats. When you eat a diet that is nutrient-dense and rich in whole-grain foods, you may be able to reduce your risks of developing common health conditions, like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers. Whole grain oats may be a helpful addition to the diet of someone with diabetes. Whole grain Oatmeal has a low glycemic index (GI) score, and the soluble fiber and beneficial compounds in oats may help people control markers of diabetes. Reasons to this Homestyle Granolas: * Certified gluten free * Non-GMO Project Verified * Whole grain oats * Simple, clean ingredients * 7 grams sugar or less per serving Ingredients: Whole Grain Oats, Maple Syrup, Cranberries (Cranberries / Sugar / Sunflower Oil), Coconut Oil, Brown Sugar, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Salt, Vanilla Extract (Water / Cane Sugar Alcohol / Vanilla Bean Extractives), Mixed Tocopherols (antioxidant)