♻️紐西蘭 紅桑子雲尼拿燕麥片 New Zealand Blue Frog Raspberry & Vanilla Granola



每包350g * 沒添加精製糖、亞硫酸鹽、防腐劑、乳製品 成份: 紐西蘭燕麥、堅果(有機椰子片 / 杏仁 / 腰果)、種子(南瓜 / 向日葵 / 奇亞籽)、粟米片、棗糖漿、紅莓(紅莓 / 蘋果汁 / 葵花籽油)、椰子油、益生元纖維(菊苣根)、米泡芙、凍乾紅桑子、藜麥泡芙、菊粉(菊苣纖維)、天然香料、雲尼拿籽、益生菌(芽孢乳酸菌 IS2™)、抗氧化物(迷迭香提取物) * No added refined sugars, sulphites, preservatives * 100% plant based First and foremost, all ingredients are sourced from New Zealand. And if they can’t get them locally Blue Frog will scour the world for just the right blend of fantastic flavour and healthy goodness. Blue Frog brings the bling to breakfast. Join for an epicurean adventure and get ready for a ‘ cerealsy’ good breakfast! Think raspberry lamingtons…Zesty Raspberry is the perfect complement to the incredibly luxurious, sweetness of pure Heilala vanilla bean. This granola is so good its almost sinful… The finest oats sourced from NZ’s Canterbury Plains, pure Canadian maple syrup, almonds, dried apple pieces, shaved coconut, cashew nuts, quinoa, vanilla bean and loads of other great tasting goodness! Ingredients: NZ Oats, Nuts (Organic Coconut Chips / Almonds / Cashew), Seeds 15% (Pumpkin / Sunflower / Chia), Cornflakes, Date Syrup, Cranberries (Cranberries / Apple juice / Sunflower oil), Coconut oil, Prebiotic Fibre (Chicory Root), Rice pops, Freeze-dried Raspberry, Popped Quinoa, Inulin (Chicory fibre), Natural flavour, Heilala vanilla bean, Probiotic Culture (Bacillus Coagulens Unique IS2), Antioxidant (Rosemary Extract)