♻️法國 橄欖茄子吞拿魚醬 France Petit Navire Eggplants Tuna Spread



每罐125g per tin * 營養等級:A * 100% 漁業認證 * 吞拿魚醬十分百搭,可配法包、多士、餅乾等等 Petit Navire屬於「布列塔尼生產網路」的成員,產品於布列塔尼製造。該協會的價值觀是尊重、開放、集體承諾和努力。 成份: 吞拿魚36%、水、烤茄子 14%、黑橄欖 12%、油菜籽油、濃縮番茄、加工木薯粉、羅勒、蒜頭、糖、發酵醋、鹽、增稠劑:黃原膠 / 瓜爾膠、黑椒、辣椒 📌 室溫存放,開啟後必須存放於雪櫃0-4°而且盡快食用 * Nutriscore: A * 100% MSC certified * Finely cut tuna accompanied by grilled eggplants and black olives that is easy to spread! Petit Navire is a member of the ‘Produced in Brittany network’, and this product is manufactured in Brittany. The Association's values are respect, openness, "true speech", collective commitment and a sense of effort. Ingredients: Tuna 36%, water, grilled eggplant 14%, black olives 12%. rapeseed oil, tomato concentrate, processed tapioca starch, basil, garlic, sugar, alcohol vinegar, salt, thickeners: xanthan gum and guar gum, black pepper, chilli 📌 Store at room temperature. Must be kept under 0-4° after opening and consume as soon as possible