♻️日本 關西風麵汁 Japan Kansai Noodle Sauce



每支400ml 使用嚴選日本產大豆的本釀造醬油。以醬油、本味醂、糖和嚴格挑選的新鮮鰹魚削節慢慢熟成的濃汁。其中釀造醬油的水也十分講究,使用奈良縣斑鳩町的優質地下水。水源於琵琶湖,是經過京都,留在奈良地下非常淨化的水。礦物質豐富,提升發酵作用,產生獨特的鮮味和顏色。 除了作為麵汁,也可以調節濃度用作燒汁、天婦羅汁、蓋飯汁等等。 成份: 醬油(本釀造)、風味原料(鰹魚節 / 宗田節)、糖、味醂 Using strictly selected Japanese soybeans as soy sauce base, sauce is slowly cooked with the premium soy sauce, mirin, sugar and only good quality dried bonito. Among the ingredients, even the water used to make the soy sauce is very exquisite, using high-quality groundwater of Nara Prefecture, which comes from the lake that passes through Kyoto, and remains very purified underground. This water is rich in minerals which helps improve fermentation and produces unique flavour and colour. Apart from using as noodle soup base, the sauce concentration can also be adjusted to be used as grill sauce, tempura sauce, or sauce for japan donburi etc. Ingredients: Original shoyu, Unami ingredients (dried bonito / dried auxis), sugar, mirin

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