♻️日本 辣胡麻醬 Japan Fujijin Spicy Sesame Dressing



每樽275ml per bottle * 化學調味料不使用 * 適合作沙律醬、三文治、漢堡包醬,配青瓜、炸物、火鍋物,什至壽司、飯團,一律十分配合有驚喜效果 成份: 糖類(砂糖混合異性化液糖 / 砂糖)、食用植物油(菜籽油 / 芝麻油)、日本醬油(含小麥 / 大豆)、釀造醋、芝麻、辣椒、食鹽、辣椒/增粘劑(加工澱粉 / 增粘多糖類)、乳化劑、甜味劑(安賽蜜) * Artificial seasonings not used * Suitable to use as salad dressing, condiment filling for sandwiches, burgers, pair with cucumbers, deep fried food, hot pot, even for sushi or rice balls, all of which are very well suited and give you pleasant surprise Ingredients: Sugar (sugar mixed with isomerised liquid sugar / sugar), edible vegetable oil (canola oil / sesame oil), Japanese soy sauce (including wheat / soybean), fermented vinegar, sesame, pepper, salt, chilli / thickener (processed starch / thickening polysaccharide), emulsifier, sweetener (acesulfame potassium)

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